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When everything comes together


I’m feeling a little smug this morning – no, I have not won anything and no-one has paid me a compliment. One of the projects I worked on last summer is working as I

One of the benefits of winter


Two weeks ago it was a lovely spring like morning, so I thought it would be nice to think about getting the horses back into work.  I lunged all four who showed a mixture

The Green, Green Grass


Hi everyone We purchased our property about seven years ago, it was classed as a small holding – horses had been kept here previously.  The land was very wet and underneath the thin layer of


Let’s Get Muddy


Well, the snow has melted and we have had a lot of rain. Not surprisingly the field has started to get a little muddy.  My lot seem to have a competition about who can


Happy New Year


Hope you all had a good Christmas. The annual celebration is my favourite time of the year – not for the usual reasons.  I can eat chocolate without feeling guilty.  Two days off without